I, Muhammad Saleem Dada, was born on 20th March 1959 (corresponding to the tenth night of Ramadhan 1378) about 10 PM and from the age of 15 years, I have been studying the Holy Book Quran by the aid of authentic Tafasir and the SUNNAH of the Prophet PBUH by the blessing of Allah; I also have studied few of the notable books of Ahadith and of FIQH by learned ULAMA; Al-Hamdu Lillah; the writings presented here provide the Message of Islam plainly and if the readers do read it without any narrow-mindedness, they would insha Allah find these all as the Knowledge for Guidance; Al-Hamdu Lillah.

It is an interesting fact to note that all the Laws in the Universe are complementary to each other. In this writing, I want to present some points to note for this very interesting fact. As a Muslim, I believe that Allah has created this whole Universe in accordance with His Declared Laws. I have noted an interesting thing that these laws that operate in the Universe have their application at different planes especially at both physical and spiritual levels. In other words, when we talk about a Physical, Chemical or Biological law, we are at the same time talking about something spiritual as that very law has its application on this level too. Here I would try to write some of these Laws that I have observed to apply clearly to all sides of a human life. Although, I have nothing as a Laboratory item to prove the Truth of this statement (and that is indeed not even needed as I would take Islamic Reasoning to prove my point) yet the basic apparatus that ought to be applied for the verification is Observation and that every person does have with him so I would ask all to learn Islam that clearly tells us about the inside of all of us and see the Truth for ownselves. Let us start with the basic laws of Physics i.e. the Three Laws of Motion. The First Law states: "Every body continues its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless it is acted upon by an external force" (Inertia). Spiritually, the law applies well if you keep the history of the world in mind that great changes have always occurred when one or some of the persons stood up against wrongs being committed and under their forceful guidance, common men that were not applying themselves to change the position stood up to the situation and went out to change the world for the better or the wrong-doers were destroyed by Allah through his Total Power after His Guidance was clearly known yet not accepted. The Holy Quran tell us in Sura RAAD, Ayat-11 that "Allah does not change the position of a people unless they change their position by their own selves". The Second Law states: "The larger the Force acting upon a body, the greater is its acceleration but the larger its mass, the lesser is its acceleration". In other words this law tells us that acceleration is directly proportional to Force applied but inversely proportional to mass it has. Also, 1 Newton Force produces 1 meter per second per second acceleration in a 1 Kg. body. This in form of the equation of Physics is F=ma, whereas "F" is Force, "m" is mass and "a" is acceleration. Spiritually this law tells us that a good person or persons that acted forcefully to change their people for their betterment had good results with low mass of people. The forceful guidance was able to produce great zeal in them to assert their views well and change many people for the better. The Life of the Great Man and Last Messenger of Allah, i.e. Muhammad S.A.W.S. is a clear proof for this. It is said in Quran in Sura Baqara, Ayat-249 that "The people who understood that they have to meet Allah, said that how many times have a small number of people conquered a great mass of people by the permission of Allah". This means that when the True Belief (Force) is present with a low number of people (mass), this force is applied well to give a good result (acceleration). At other place, Sura Mai'da, Ayat-100 tells us that "Say o Prophet, Good and Evil are not equal even if the great mass of evil amaze you, so fear Allah O wise people so that you may get the success." The Third Law of Motion in Physics states that "the reaction to an action is equal in force of that action but opposite in direction". In other words, Physics tells us that when you hit a ball on the wall it bounces back with the same force as the wall gives it back as its reaction but the angle would be opposite from the initial angle. A ball that has been hit straight would come back straight as the opposite direction of straight is straight only yet other ways of hitting a ball on a wall would lead it towards the opposite angle in the same plane. Other example is of a book lying on a table as it is in equilibrium due to all the forces applying on it making each other neutral thus causing the book to be static. Now, we have heard by our elders that you would reap what you sow. And this is the observation of all people indeed that whatever a person does he gets his reward or punishment in this world too in the long run. A good deed done many years back has the ability to save a person from much evil at the present time. Sometimes, a good deed done by parents may save a person from evil and bad deeds of one may make one bear the wrongs of others towards one. This is not only right for an individual but also for a nation indeed. But though the rule of Physics is very firm yet the application on spiritual side of this rule in this world has an element of Probability as some good deeds do affect lives here and some dont. Likewise some bad deeds do apply harshly while others dont. Also, the proportion in this world between the good deed and its affect and the bad deed and its influence may not be in balance. However, the rule does apply well at the Spiritual side when we keep this in mind by the Islamic Viewpoint that The day of Judgment would come and on that day Allah would judge everything and everyone. Allah tells us "And commit to Prayers and give Zakat (money that is given to Poor), and whatever good you send ahead for yourself you would find it with Allah. He sees all whatever you do"(Sura Baqr-110). At other verse, He tells us "you all have to return to Allah. The Word of Allah is True. He has started the Creation and He would again start it so that He may give what is due to the persons who accepted the Faith and did Good Deeds with Justice. And those who rejected the Truth, for them is boiling water to drink and a very severe punishment due to their rejection of the Truth" (Sura Younus-04). At Sura Zilzal it is said that "When the earth is shaken to her convulsion, And the earth throws up her burdens, And man cries: 'What is the matter with her?' On that Day will she declare her tidings: For that thy Lord will have given her inspiration. On that Day will men proceed in companies sorted out, to be shown the deeds that they had done. Then anyone who has done an atom's weight of good, shall see it. And anyone who has done an atom's weight of evil, shall see it". (Sura Zilzal-whole of it). So the Day of Judgment would come and on that day all rewards and all punishment would be given for good. That clarifies that "as you sow so shall you reap". Now, let us take Chemistry. It tells us that there are many elements present around us. These all have many properties according to their grouping. There is a sequence in their properties and so groups have been formed of elements of same properties. The table for this grouping is named as Periodic Table of Elements and though it was first discovered by Mendeleev in 1869, it is mostly known as the Moseley's Peiodic Table of Elements as Moseley showed in 1913 that the sequence of Elements must be based on the Protons contained by the atom of any element (and it is known as its atomic number) and not on the weight it has, as was thought by Mendeleev. However, there is a discrepency at a few places only as the atomic weight of any given element is double of its atomic number mostly. Technically the atomic weight in number is taken by the Protons + Neutrons that reside at the neucleus of the atom. The charge of an atom is always neutral due to neutron being neutral at charge and the positive charge of Proton being neutralized by the negative charge of Electrons being equal in number to Protons, that revolve around the neucleus in well organized orbits that contain them. In fact, there is a mathematical rule that applies to the electrons to fill the mentioned orbits and that is 2n Squared. So the first orbit known as the K-orbit may contain uptil 2 electrons (2*1 squared), while the L-orbit may contain uptil 8 electrons (2*2 squared) and the M-orbit may contain uptil 18 electrons (2*3 squared) and so on. So the configuration of Electrons that fill the orbits in an atom of Sodium (Na) that has its atomic Number 11 (that means its protons and electrons are 11 each while its neutrons are 12 so its atomic weight is 11+12=23), is 2 in K-Orbit, 8 in L-orbit and 1 in M-orbit. As the last orbits' electrons tell the group of an element so "Na" belongs to the group 1a (that is also known as alkali metals group). Chemistry is totally based on the study of Elements and whatever else is studied in Chemistry is sure to be connected with Elements in some way or other so here this all detail of elements shows that there is a sequence and a pattern in all the elements present on Earth. Basically 92 Elements are present on Earth while 17 are said to be prepared or seen at laboratory and sometimes even more are claimed. However these Rules do stand well on all the 109 or more elements indeed. The most interesting thing in the behaviour of elements is that they try to acheive a Peaceful situation for themselves and for that they seem to know that they have to fill the last orbit of their atom with Eight Electrons or in other words they must belong to the group of 8A for this Undisturbed position also known as Zero Group or Noble Gases Group (the elements in Zero Group are gases that do not combine to form compounds and so they are found only as elements). After this brief introduction to chemistry and what its all about, I would point out that the Holy Quran tells us that the true success for a human being is to get Jannah (Paradise) in the day of Judgment for it is a place where a soul has total peace and ease getting all what it wants. An Ayat (verse of the Holy Book Quran) tells us "Every soul has to taste the taste of death. And you would be given your returns at the Day of Judgment. So whoever is saved from the Fire and is admitted to the Paradise so then he achieved success. And the worldly life is nothing but a trade of deception"(Sura AAL-e-IMRAN). So here an appeal to the quest of peace in human beings is clearly visible showing that human beings also naturally are the seekers of Peace like the elements present around. There is also a message in the neutrality of an atom of an element that whatever is created is Balanced. We have the power to make ourselves PEACEFUL by true love, right judgment and good decision. We have also the free will to destroy ourselves by wrong judgment of course. For this Peace, Human Beings also mate with the other sex of their own kind like the combination of positive and negative ions in the elements to complete their outermost orbit with eight electrons and to form compounds. It is said in Sura AARAF-189 that Allah is the One who created you all from one soul and from him He made his spouse so that he may have peace through her. The translation of the last four Ayats of Sura Fajr is "O the Peaceful Soul! Return to your True Lord as such that you are happy with Him and He is happy with you. Enter those people that are My true worshippers and enter the Paradise". The study of history and psychology also prove the validity of the statement that the laws that apply on the physical plane have their similar application at the spiritual plane too. However, keeping to the concepts that relate to Chemistry here, I, MSD, would omit the detail for that presently. The Biological Sciences have at its root the CELL. It is the basic unit that is present in all Life. Plants, Animals and Human Beings all have Cells in their body make up and with man every cell is highly advanced, functioning well at its location in the organ it is present up-to perfection. These cells do get stressed and strained causing pain, fever and illness. Sometimes grave danger to life is caused by their malfunctioning specially at the heart or head where the damaged cells are not replaced. Also if the blood gets invalid cells, they have the power to kill the native due to the circulation of blood. Cells make Tissues and Bones that in return make organs and these organs together form systems of a human body of a very fine nature. Its a pity that life is considered to be found in a few kingdoms, two categories of which are given much importance that is plants and animals (taking man into the category of animals). This concept is totally erroneous as Human Beings have a high form of life and must be categorized in their own right. Moreover there is a life that is not seen by physical eyes yet it is present. However keeping to Scientific Laws I would not comment any more on that here. The rule of Biology or Physiology that I would like to indicate here for my reasoning is that there is a physical defense present in all human beings and even in other life forms. This immune system is highly advanced and it tries to prevent any disease at the first place and if some cause of illness does penetrate onto the body then the white cells in blood (in fact white cells also have different kinds with many cell specializing in some fields), fight viciously to finish them off and get rid of the threat they pose to the body. This physiological rule like other rules does apply well to the spiritual side too. If you see History you would find that even with hundreds of threats to human life it has survived well to this day, not just because it was perfect but because it had an immune system that fought to stay. But like the Physical Immune System, Human Being has a Spiritual Immune System too due to which man still has the sense of righteousness as he has fought the evil of Pride, Jealousy, Abuse of Power, Shameful acts and all kind of Injustice well in his history and eliminated all wrong. Human Being is very well alive spiritually too. There are other biological facts that coincide with the spiritual rules like the placement of organs in the body and their working in a sequence. For this I can give some similarities by the spiritual side yet I would ask all my readers to think on this that all the physical and spiritual rules are related indicating that there is only ONE SOURCE that has given all these rules. We do talk about Gravity that holds us to Earth and Earth to its placement in the Universe and all the planets and the stars too. In the same sequence, we talk about the psychological connections of human beings with each other. But why not call it spiritual connection as the physical gravity. However, I have tried my best to convey a difficult topic in a common man's style. Now it depends upon your own judgment how you take it. Though the given examples are not great in number here yet for the conveying of the basic idea, these are certainly quite enough. I would ask you to accept this initiative I have given here and go for more research through your own observation. Although good knowledge of Islamic Teachings with good knowledge of Science and Psychology must be present, yet it is not impossible to achieve such knowledge and apply it. By concentration, insha Allah (by the will of Allah) a better view would be achieved on the Point that "Rules that apply physically for the human beings do apply clearly at the spiritual level too for the human beings". Certainly, all praise is for Allah, the only Creator of the creation and the only True Authority; Al-Hamdu Lillah